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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ouran High School Host Club:

Here are some random thoughts for this chilly willy day.

1.) I don't think anyone should ever leave the house wearing PJ's that have writing on the booty. I matter how cute you are it just ends up making you look kinda trashy. I am not opposed to PJ's in public as a whole...just writing on on the booty.

2.) I am totally into Ouran High Host Club (the Anime). It is funny and sassy and all around I give it two big thumbs up.

3.) Two teens (who are out of school for one reason or another) came in and took over my day today...which was actually really nice. Sometimes it is cool to not have to worry about the ordering of books and returning of emails and just hang out with some cool kids and hear about their lives. Good times.

4.) I miss good cartoons like Cow & Chicken or Pinky and the Brain. How on earth did a cartoon about NASCAR dogs get onto the Sunday morning rotation?

5.) Starbucks may in fact be one of my favorite things on this planet.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hello all...or actually hello me as I am probably the only person who reads this blog at all!

I have been inspired by Chas, super cool blog to post a new entry. I am noticing that the majority of my entries are all while I was in grad school. How on earth did I have more time to update this blog in grad school then out of it? Oh well...

Today was a good day. I painted the bathroom a total of 5 times (3 coats of primer and 2 coats of the "desert sand" color that Chas picked out. I am really digging the walls and am now just hoping to have a toilet and sink in there sometime soon.

I can't decide if I like my new staff intranet feels too much like a school picture where they make you sit at an angle and twist forward. Anyhew, here is it.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have been Tagged by Sally....

Jobs I've had...
1. Assistant Manager at Claire's in the Mall
2. Temp for Duro Bag Manufactoring
3. Adolescent Treatment Worker in long term treatment facility for teenage girls
4. Office Manager for a small business
5. Reference Associate
6. Teen Librarian

Places I've lived...
1. Tallahassee, FL
2. Glen Bernie, MD
3. Grant Co., KY
4. Cincinnati, OH
5. Louisville, KY
6. Ft. Mitchell, KY

Foods I love... (So many I have to separate them by regional cuisine)
1. Italian: Pizza, Lazagna, Tortellini, Ravioli
2. Indian: Chicken Tika, Chicken Dal, Nan
3. Thai: Spring roll, Chicken Pad Thai
4. American: Cheese burgers, french fries, french toast, pancakes, donuts, lots more

Places I would rather be...
1. At home cleaning (I am so behind on my cleaning), watching tv, or reading
2. At my mom's finishing up my curtains
3. Chicago
4. Cape Cod
5. Disney World

TV Shows I Watch...
1. The Office!!!!
2. Heroes
3. 4400
4. Prison Break (but not so much since they killed you know who)
5. Newest: Bionic Woman & Life

Books I Love...
1. Scary stories to tell in the dark
2. Sideway stories from wayside school
3. Interview with the vampire
4. The stand
5. Dr. Franklin's Island

Sadly...I have no one to tag :( I need more blog friends...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Craziness of all forms

Hey there, hi there, ho ho ho there!

Ok so here is a quick update on all of the craziness that has been taking place.

School: I am currently taking my last two courses and preparing for the comprehensive exam which is *gulp* less than two weeks away. Courses are going well, i'll know more after I take my midterm on Thursday.

Work: Summer reading is in full swing, not to mention Opening Day Collection stuff for Burlington, and what not. I attended that ALA conference in DC last week which was amazing! I talked to Paula and I might be getting on the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee as well as the Youth Participation committee! Fun pics from ALA to follow:

Personal: Things in my personal life are really good. Beyond kitty drama that is. Pumpkin had to go to the doctor last week due to constant stomach issues. She appears to be ok now. Cowboy was getting sick to his stomach yesterday and is not feeling well today. Super bummer. I am thinking that maybe the cat food was no good so I threw it away and am picking up a new bag on the way home.

Chas and I got rid of 7 boxes of books last week which was awesome! It felt so good to purge some of the stuff we don't need.

Overall things are great. I am looking forward to being out of school and hopefully passing comps on friday the 13th. I am also pumped about all of the birthdays coming up in August including Sally, Rebecca, Mom and Chas! I loves to party! :)

That's all for now.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Night out on the town

Last Saturday night we went out on the town! We went to see Griffin House at the Southgate house and it was awesome! We also met Sally's new super cool boyfriend Jeff. Good times!!